Haldren ir'Brassek (NE Human Sorcerer 12) was one of Aundair's greatest lord generals of the Last War. He captured the city of Cragwar twice. He is also one of the few leaders that did win some battles in the Eldeen Reaches. Many think his wins came with a high cost because he would put whole villages to the flames. These actions resulted in a Thronehold Tribunal inquiry after the war ended. Queen Aurala tried to get rid of ambitious generals and this lead to his capture. He was convicted and sent to Dreadhold. Many officers in the military of Aundair are sympathetic to Haldren and see him as the embodiment of what a soldier of Aundair should be and do. Some think of his slaughter of civilians as massive sacrifices to one of the Dark Six. Haldren sees himself as some sort of reincarnation of Galifar I and that he is destined to forge a new empire from the ashes of the old.

(Sources: FoW 13 & 49)

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