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Haka'torvhak is an ancient ruin in central Q'barra carved into the side of a volcano.[1][3][2]


Haka'torvhak means "“throne of the holy dragons" in Draconic.[2] The name was given by the lizardfolk and dragonborn of Q'barra.[3]


4E Qbarra

A map of Q'barra showing Haka'torvhak.

Haka'torvhak was the site of a massive battle between the dragons and fiends during the Age of Demons.[1][3][2]

Haka'torvhak was once the seat of an Overlord known as the Cold Sun, whose influence affects the creatures that slither and crawl across Q'barra to this day.[4] For one million years, a line of black dragons culminating in Rhashaak has guarded the ruins of Haka'torvhak and maintained the wards that keep the fiends bound below.[1]


Haka'torvhak now serves as a center for the religion of the lizardfolk tribes of Q'barra, though few among them are allowed to enter and only then to offer tribute or themselves to the living god Rhashaak.[1] The local tribes of lizardfolk of Q'barra revere Rhashaak as a god, and will obey his whims.[5]


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