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Gyrnar Shult was a priest of the Blood of Vol and the reeve (a local official) for the agricultural region of Odakyr in Karrnath prior to the Last War. He was later the commander of Fort Bones.[1]


When the Last War broke out in the year 894 YK, Gyrnar's keep and seat of governance in Odakyr was seized by a Karrnathi warlord named Kaina ir'Durna, who sought to fortify it for use as a garrison against Cyre. Gyrnar warned her about the power of Mabar and the necessity of certain rites he performed within the keep, but Kaina, a devout worshiper of Dol Arrah, did not heed him.[1]

This would be catastrophic, for the keep was a manifest zone of Mabar, and when Mabar unexpectedly came into a coterminous phase, its dark energy emanated from the keep. All over Odarkyr, it drained life from the land, causing crops to fail, animals to sicken, and a terrible famine to break out.[1]

Later, after Kaius I turned to the Blood of Vol, Gyrnar was appointed as commander of his former keep, which had recently been refortified. Vowing that the bones of every Karrn who had fallen would serve as a wall to protect those still alive, Gyrnar renamed it Fort Bones. (Actual bones would not be included in the fort's walls until decades later.) Thereafter, Gyrnar focused on improving the use of necromancy in warfare.[1]

Owing to Odakyr now being thick with Mabar's power, many great priests and necromancers flocked to Gyrnar's side—including Malevanor, high priest of the Crimson Monastery in Atur, who stayed with Gyrnar for almost three weeks. This collaboration led to the perfecting of what were called the Odakyr Rites, which are used in the creation of the Karrnathi undead.[1] Gyrnar was of the belief that they were animated by the martial spirit of Karrnath itself, hence why only top Karrnathi soldiers could be used in their creation.[2] Although such undead would primarily be produced in Atur, the Mabar manifest zone meant Fort Bones stayed a key center for undead development and the training of bone knights.[1]

When the Valenar sacked Fort Bones on the Long Night in 990 YK, they stole Gyrnar's bones. The Kind sought to recover these so he might resurrect Gyrnar as a lich.[2]


Gyrnar was the one who gave the title the Kind to the otherwise-unnamed commander of the Corpse Collectors.[1]



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