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Griffons are intelligent beasts with the body of a lion and the wings, forelegs, and head of an eagle.[3] They can be domesticated to serve as mounts, usually by House Vadalis.[4][5]


A griffon is the chosen racer of Oldkeep and Precarious of Lower Dura in the Race of Eight Winds, that takes place in Sharn. It has never won, but can be counted upon to take another racer out.[6]

During the Last War, House Vadalis provided many of the warring nations with griffon mounts to serve as aerial reconnaissance and cavalry.[7]


The griffon is the house emblem of House Jorasco.[8]

Notable Griffons[]

  • Brightfeather, leader of a pride of griffins near the Thousand in Argonnessen.[9]
  • Golden Griffons, three half-celestial griffons that reside at the Citadel of the Sun, a temple to Dol Arrah in Sharn.[10]


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