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The Gray Tide Principality, or simply the Gray Tide, is a changeling nation and one of the Lhazaar Principalities. It is based at Lastpoint island and is led by its founder, the changeling Prince Kel, who dreams of a homeland for the changeling race.[1][2][3][4]


The principality has its seat of power on Lastpoint Island and controls the surrounding waters.[1][2] It is named for the Gray Tide, a mysterious magical mist that hovers over the sea around Lastpoint and further east.[2][3][5][note 1]


Prince Kel leads the Gray Tide Principality and the changeling community on Lastpoint. He also commands their fleet.[1] Kel holds a dream of forging for the changeling people a homeland of their own,[1][2] a place at the far reaches of the world where they might live free and safe from the fears of humankind.[1] Amongst countless other rumors about the Gray Tide, many people outside the principality claim that Kel is not one changeling but a cabal or lineage of changelings who each take his name to preserve his lineage.[1]


It is estimated that the Gray Tide Principality commands four ships.[1] However, they are rumored to have a much larger fleet concealed within the mists of the Gray Tide,[1][2] which the changelings can supposedly enter safely. They are widely thought to engage in piracy, and wild stories say they have ships that can change their appearance as well, so they may frame others for pirate attacks; it is unknown if these are true or not.[1]


Long ago,[note 2] Kel became discontent with changelings merely hiding and surviving amongst human societies and instead envisioned establishing an independent changeling realm. He journeyed across Khorvaire, making contact with changeling families, and began a gradual migration to the Lhazaar Principalities before sailing to Lastpoint. There, Kel faced the strange mists called the Gray Tide that surrounded the island and bravely proclaimed this would be their new home. He established the Gray Tide Principality and has led it ever since.[1]


Prince Kel has successfully attracted many changelings to the Gray Tide.[2] However, no one outside the Gray Tide knows for certain the total population or strength of this principality.[1] Certainly, the Lhazaar Principalities are known to have the greatest population of changelings in all Khorvaire[4]—while it is impossible to put an accurate figure on it, some estimates place them at over 50,000[1]—with the majority of them in the Gray Tide.[4] Moreover, almost all members of the Gray Tide are changelings.[1]

Many Gray Tide changelings serving aboard their own ships are experts, bards, or rogues of neutral or chaotic outlook.[1] Many of them are adherents of the reality seeker philosophy, who wish to establish a perfect changeling community.[2]

The changelings work as guides, negotiators, and interpreters aboard the ships of other principalities and operate a good number of brothels and theaters on all the islands. The majority of Lhazaarites view them as brothers on the sea and accept them more than any other nation in Khorvaire, though nevertheless a few fear that the changelings have infiltrated Lhazaar society to a much greater degree than is realized.[1]

A number of changelings from the Gray Tide Principality also exist in Sasserine where they tend to work as interpreters or entertainers. This has led some in the city to assume that there are in fact many more changelings present in the city than meets the eye, though most dismiss this assumption as mere paranoid delusion.[6]

Rumors & Legends[]

The isle of Lastpoint is thought to hold many secrets. A few people even believe that the changeling secret society called the Cabinet of Faces is based there.[1]

It is theorized by some observers that Prince Rygar ir'Wynarn of the Seadragon Principality brought House Thuranni into the Lhazaar Principalities, by granting them land on Greentarn, so that their spies might counter the Gray Tide's changelings.[1]



  1. While Eberron Campaign Setting and Player's Guide to Eberron place the Gray Tide mists east of the Lastpoint and Krag islands, Eberron Campaign Guide has it surround Lastpoint. Taken together, it may be the case that Lastpoint lies partly or wholly within the mists.
  2. "The Lhazaar Principalities, Part Two" mentions an attempted genocide of changelings 1300 years ago, followed by changeling migration, and then introduces Kel, perhaps intending to imply he is over thirteen centuries old. This is supported by the rumor that "Kel" is a name adopted by a lineage of changeling leaders. However, Player's Guide to Eberron neglects this aspect and implies it is the same Kel. Since he's unlikely to be over 1300 years old, this wiki article presumes Kel founded the Gray Tide much more recently.