Gorodan Ashlord is one of the most well-known warlords of Droaam. Originally from Xen'drik, he was banished by a fire giant king due to an overabundance of ambition. He violated a taboo of his people, one which he considers nothing more than feeble superstition. [1]
I am the Warlord Gorodan, called the Ashlord. I am to be your host this miserable evening. Ask what you will of me...but be warned. I am hungry and I am cold, and I have no patience for the foolish questions of little men. Now let us EAT!
  — Gorodan - The Queen of Stone, page 122

Gorodan travelled to Khorvaire 24 years ago with a small following of fire creatures, including azers, hell hounds and salamanders, as well as a few other fire giants. This proved sufficient to subjugate a local group of ogres and their Goblin slaves, and he has ruled over a large fiefdom on the coast of the Thunder Sea ever since. His fortress is situated on the bluffs east of the Scar River.

When the Daughters of Sora Kell rose up to create Droaam, he begrudgingly swore allegiance to them, and received enough resources in return to allow him to build a settlement around his keep, Vralkek. Despite this, his loyalty is not absolute, and he may work against the hags if he sees personal gains in doing so.

Gorodan is not just a fierce warrior, but also a bit of a mystic. He has great respect for his fire titan ancestors, and seeks ways to emulate their power.

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Gorodan is featured in the novel The Queen of Stone as a minor character.

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