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Goblinoid is a creature subtype that refers to humanoids who speak the Goblin language and are primarily found on Khorvaire.[2][3]


On Eberron, several goblinoid races are known to exist with goblins and hobgoblins among the most common:[3][4]

There are three primary types of goblinoids:

  • Bugbear: Also known as Guul'dar or "strong people" in the Dar language. Largest of all the goblinoids, bugbears tend to be more physical and aggressive than their smaller kin.[3][4]
  • Goblin: Also known as Golin'dar, or "quick people" in the Dar language, they are the smallest and most numerous goblinoids, for which the subtype is named due to human misunderstanding.[3][4]
  • Hobgoblin: Also known as Ghaal'dar, or "mighty people" in the Dar language, hobgoblins are a race of lawful (a rarity amongst goblinoids) yet aggressive goblinoids who are larger than goblins yet smaller than bugbears, standing roughly the same height as most humans. Hobgoblins were once the rulers of the great Dhakaani Empire that fell several ages ago.[3][4]

Other goblinoids found on Eberron include:

  • Barghest: Shapechanging goblinoids that dwell on Mabar and feast on the flesh of mortals.[2][3]
  • Bhuka: Desert-dwelling survivors with a kind nature that dwell in the Menechtarun desert of Xen'drik.[5][6]
  • Blue: A sub-race of blue-skinned, naturally psionic goblins.[7]
  • Varag: These lupine goblinoids are supposedly the result of crossbreeding between hobgoblins and worgs during the Age of Dhakaan. They are said to dwell in the Khraal rainforest of Darguun.[8]



Keith Baker has suggested on his website that the various subraces of goblinoids of the Dhakaani Empire were more harmonious in cooperating across the three races than those of the current age. This is attributed to the influence of the daelkyr shattering their eusocial bond, which allowed cooperation among the three primary subraces (bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins).[9][10]


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