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Glidewings are flying reptilian dinosaurs.[1]


Glidewings are bird-like in appearance, with a long, toothy beak and a thin crest emerging from the rear of the head. They fly via leathery, bat-like wings, which have small clawed forearms attached to it. Their eyes are large and yellow, and they have small tufts of feathers occasionally sprouting from their scaly skin.[1]


While glidewings are carnivorous, they prefer the taste of fish over most land animals. They rely on swooping dives to surprise their prey, snatching them from the ocean unaware. They are incredibly fast fliers overland. Glidewings possess low-light vision to aide in their hunting.[1]


Glidewings are native to both Khorvaire and Xen'drik, and have been tamed by both the halflings and the drow to be used as flying mounts.[1][4][5] Glidewings have been seen congregating above the Boneyard in the Talenta Plains.[6]

A glidewing represents the districts of Gate of Gold and the Stores in the Race of Eight Winds, a popular aerial race in Sharn that happens once a year. The glidewing is garbed in gray and green and is extremely popular among the halflings of Sharn. Some say that the Boromar Clan is the financial force behind the Glidewing Wind Guard.[7]


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