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Main article: Khorvaire

Khorvaire is the main continent described by the Eberron Campaign Setting, and the majority of published information covers it and its inhabitants. A high number of adventures begin here as the vast number of civilized beings hail from this continent. All of the standard PHB races hail from this continent, with the exception of the Aereni Elves (though their Valenar brethren do inhabit their own land on Khorvaire).

Nations and Regions[]

Regions & Nations of Khorvaire
Aundair | Breland | Darguun | Demon Wastes | Droaam | The Eldeen Reaches | Karrnath | Lhazaar Principalities | Mournland | Mror Holds | Q'Barra | Shadow Marches | Talenta Plains | Thrane | Valenar | Zilargo

For a map of Khorvaire see here.


Main article: Aerenal

Aerenal is an island continent inhabited by elves that lies to the southeast of Khorvaire.

Important Settlements[]

Cities of Aerenal
Kathuran · Pylas Talaer · Pylas Zirinth · Shae Cairdal · Shae Mordai · Shae Thoridor· Taer Kalindal · Taer Senadal · Var-Shalas

Other Noted Features[]

  • Blackwood Jungle
  • Dajar Orioth
  • Jaelarthal Orioth
  • Madwood
  • Majarin
  • Shae Deseir
  • Thal Taluna
  • Valen's Isle
  • Zaenya's Well


Main article: Xen'drik

Xen'drik is a continent to the south of Khorvaire, and is home to large numbers of giants and drow as well as ancient mysterious technologies.

Ash Cauldrons | Bluespine Peaks | Dar Qat | Dowron's Shield | Dread Lake | Fangs of Argarak | The Hydra | Kapaerian Island | Marsh of Desolation | Mel-Aqat | Obsidian City | Pra'xirek | Ring of Storms | Scimitar Spires | Shargon's Teeth | Skyraker Claws | Sorrowdusk Island | Stormreach | Sun Pillars | Tal Esk | Tempest's Spine | Tharkgun Dhak | Three-Barrel Cove | Throne Gate Ruins | Titan's Teeth | Valley of Shadows | The Wasting Plain | Zantashk


Main article: Sarlona

The original home of humans, Sarlona has been mostly conquered by the Inspired.


Main article: Argonnessen

The continent of Argonnessen is home to most dragons, as well as barbarian human tribes known as Seren.


Main article: Frostfell

The Frostfell is a continental landmass located north of Khorvaire. It is a region of ice and snow, and only one expeditionary force has ever broken ground there in recorded history.


Main article: Everice

The Everice is a shifting sheet of ice located south of Xen'drik in the Icemaw Sea. It is believed that several large island land masses exist beneath the sheet of ice, though the truth is unknown.


Main article: Seas of Eberron

Seas of Eberron
Barren Sea | Bitter Sea | Dark Sea | Dragonreach | Icemaw Sea | Lhazaar Sea | Sea of Lost Souls | Sea of Rage | Thunder Sea | White Sea

Other Realms[]

Khyber is the subterranean underworld below the surface of Eberron.

Former Nations & Empires[]