Gargoyles are creatures made of living stone. These creatures sit atop spires, completely frozen and appearing like stone until the time to strike. They are capable of flying at great speeds, and most gargoyles serve as the aerial protectors of the monstrous nation of Droaam.[1][2]


Gargoyles are believed to be creatures native to Eberron. Some sages believe that they might have been the creation of the daelkyr lord Orlassk, and that Orlassk still travels Khyber inside an enormous living gargoyle fortress; however, gargoyles are not aberrant beings, so there is some questioning that belief.[3]

In the year 986 YK, towards the end of the Last War, three hags known as the Daughters of Sora Kell organized the monstrous races of Droaam into a unified nation. Gargoyles migrated to Droaam, bending their stony knees to the three hags.[2][4]

When House Tharashk began recruiting the monstrous races for their services, gargoyles were among the races to be hired by the Dragonmarked House.[5] In addition, some gargoyles serve in the criminal organization Daask for the Daughters of Sora Kell, and some serve House Vadalis as couriers.[6][7]



Wingwyrds are the descendants of gargoyles touched by the Silver Flame. They are more intelligent than normal gargoyles, and faithfully serve the Church of the Silver Flame in Thrane.[8]



Gargoyles attacking an airship in Sharn

Many of the gargoyles of Khorvaire call the monster nation of Droaam home. They prefer the region of Cazhaak Draal, and live amongst the medusa that rule the Stonelands. However, gargoyles can be found flying throughout Droaam, and some live within the Great Crag, or atop the city of Graywall.[2][9]

Some gargoyles also call the Shadow Marches home [10], and some gargoyles prefer the spires of Sharn, the city of towers.[6] The wingwyrds call the nation of Thrane home.[8]

Gargoyles are also native to the continent of Xen'drik.[3]

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Gargoyles are grotesque creatures seemingly carved directly from stone. They somehow fly using their large, stony wings. Their heads have curved horns and their mouths are filled with sharp teeth and stony fangs. Their colors vary, and the gargoyle usually finds its nest in a building of the same color.[1]


Gargoyles are humanoids made of rock. They are highly resistant to damage, and will attack their prey with their stony claws, teeth, and horns. They do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, and they will often perch atop large buildings waiting for prey. While perched, they are motionless, using an ability called freeze, which makes them almost indistinguishable from a non-living gargoyle. Gargoyles have darkvision, and can fly using their wings.[1]


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