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A galvanic crysteel blade is a weapon with a blade of Riedran crysteel that can be charged with additional psionic power.[1]


Most galvanic crysteel blades are finely crafted daggers, scimitars, or longswords. These Riedran crysteel blades have a purplish hue, and small crystals and Siberys dragonshards mounted about the pommel and crossbar glint with an inner light.[1]

These weapons emit a faint amethyst glow when wielded if they have a psionic charge.[1]


Galvanic crysteel blades can be charged by touching them and focusing the user's psychic energy into it in the form of recoverable power points.[1]


The Riedran crysteel used in the construction of the weapon increases its enhancement proportionally to the amount of psionic power in it. In addition, when the blade is charged, the power can be released in a single swing.[1]

Psionic power allocated to a galvanic weapon remains until expended.[1]


Forging requires the offensive precognition power, and a Riedran crysteel weapon worth at least 1500 gp.[1]



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