Galifar ir'Wynarn II, called Galifar the Dark, was the third ruler of the Kingdom of Galifar.[1]


The succeeded to the throne after King Cyre ir'Wynarn.[2]

His reign saw the development of the Galifar Calendar, which counted the "Years since the Kingdom was founded", YK.[1]

During his reign, the ir'Tyran family tried to seize the throne. They failed, and the survivors were stripped of their titles and banished from the kingdom.[3]

A commonly accepted (but slightly doubtful) legend holds that Galifar II was very interested in using aerial cavalry and scouts and tested the capabilities of various flying creatures. It's also said that Sharn was his favored proving ground, and that he awarded land and wealth to the most skilled riders, and this practice evolved over the generations into the Race of Eight Winds.[4]



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