Galethspyre is major port on the Dagger River. Ferries go back and forth between Galethspyre and Wroat four times per day. The docks are constantly busy, even at night, and agents of the Citadel check all cargo passing through.

Galethspyre specializes in textiles and dyes, especially the distinctive color known as "Breland Blue". The smell of the dyes can be overwhelming to newcomers and is all over the town.

The city also produces lumber from the trees of the Dragonwood, which it receives from upper river at Woodhelm and mills.

House Deneith maintains a large enclave at Galethspyre, because many caravans to Droaam leave from the town.

House Phiarlan produces a grand festival three times a year in the town which starts in the large outdoor amphitheatre in Galethspyre and fills its streets; the festival has become a fixture on the social calendar of many Brelish elites.

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