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Forley is a revenger of Cyre.[1]

They were just a fad in Cyre, part of the Cyran appreciation, for dancing. Gliding along the city streets, women, children street-gliding, even at the height of the war. Oh, you wouldn't understand.
— Forley, tearful revenger of Cyre[1]


He has blonde hair and is obviously a hardened and hardy warrior, down to his hobnailed marching boots.[1]


The artificer adventurer Thondred once obtained a pair of Cyran gliding boots and offered them to Forley. Overcome with nostalgia, the hardened veteran was brought to tears and, though he dismissed the "stupid boots", stubbornly took them and told Thondred to "Keep your filthy paws off them". He immediately took off his hobnailed boots to put the gliding boots on, and insisted that they fit.[1]



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