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Fomorians are hideous giants embodying negative aspects of ancient titans.[2][1]


The fomorians have clashed with the eladrin of the feyspires in the past.[3]


Fomorians have a warped appearance, with their stooped posture, gangly limbs, and misshapen eyes to display their inner ugliness to the world. They carry ornate items as a show of individual wealth and power.[2]


Fomorians are physically and mystically powerful fey giants known for their ability to bestow curses and misfortune through an evil eye.[2]


Fomorians are profoundly lazy creatures, who rely on their servants such as the cyclopes as well as eladrin or gnome slaves to tend to their whims.[2]


Fomorians are found in Thelanis.[4]



In Eberron, fomorians may be a storybook reflection of the Cul'sir Giants' attack on Thelanis during the Age of Giants. 80,000 years ago, the ancient giants sacked the feyspire of Shae Tirias Tolai, the City of Silver and Bone and warped the inhabitants of this feyspire into modern elves and drow.[5] This would explain the fomorians' warped appearance and reliance on their servants and slaves to maintain their society, as they would embody the giants of this story.[speculation]

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