Flamewind is a gynosphinx with amazing oracular powers. Found in Xen'drik in 996 YK, Flamewind resides at Morgrave University in Sharn, where she spends her time in the university's library in trade for her visions of things to come.[1]


Little is known about the mysterious Flamewind. In the year 996 YK, after the end of the Last War, one of the largest expeditions was scheduled for the continent of Xen'drik: the Carradan Party. The party uncovered the ruins of an ancient giant city with only one inhabitant: a sphinx named Flamewind. Flamewind had been expecting them, waiting for them to take her to "the land of the fiends": Khorvaire. The party agreed, and brought Flamewind back to Sharn.[1]

Flamewind has found a new home in Lareth Hall at Morgrave University. She has been delving into the various libraries and museums of Sharn, and has extensively studied the Draconic Prophecy. She has made her new home atop the great dome in Lareth Hall, where she will receive visitors who call upon her or key people she has summoned that play a part in one of her oracular visions.[1][2]


Like other gynosphinxes, Flamewind has the body of a lion. However, orange stripes ripple across her deep black fur, giving the appearance of flames. Her falcon-like winds are also pure black, and her head resembles a beautiful elven woman rather than a human, with glittering golden eyes. Her face's features are distinctly feline, and her hair matches her black-and-orange fur. She usually wears platinum and gold chains around her neck and forearms, and a silver diadem on her brow.[1][3]


Flamewind is a great oracle, on par with the likes of Sora Teraza. She frequently speaks in riddles, and rarely gives straight answers. In addition, she is said to be one of the most knowledgeable non-dragons to have studied the Draconic Prophecy, and has much first-hand knowledge of Xen'drik.[1][4]

In addition, Flamewind has a number of spell-like abilities that other gynosphinxes do not have, such as analyze dweomer, mage hand, mind blank, and open/close.[1]

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Flamewind plays a role in the Oracle of War adventure "A Century of Ashes". She also appears as a character in the Eberron novel City of Towers, by Keith Baker.
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On 28 Dravago, 996 YK, a group of Cryan refugees named Daine, Lei d'Cannith, Pierce, and Jode d'Jorasco, encountered Flamewind hidden within the Malleon's Gate district of Sharn, after being sent there by Jura Darkhart, a House Cannith excoriate. Flamewind said that she was expecting the four, and provided cryptic clues as to their futures, including predicting Jode's death, and giving Lei hints as to her true nature. Flamewind warned the group that great powers had their eyes on them, before flying off.[3]

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Flamewind is listed as an alternate option for the Immortal Being Group Patron in Rising from the Last War[5].

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