Flamekeep is the largest metropolis in Thrane. The city is the religious and political heart of the nation as well as its population center, with a population of 150,000 and nearly half of the 2.3 million people of Thrane living in its immediate vicinity.[1]


In 299 YK, Tira Miron plunged her sword through a couatl and demon, creating the Silver Flame. Flamekeep was built around that Flame, and the cathedral later built from the keep. The city eventually grew around the holy site.[citation needed]


The Keeper of the Flame, Jaela Daran, ostensibly rules from here. However, in practice, the Council of Cardinals runs the country from the city, though they are in fact subservient to the Keeper of the Flame, but she seems primarily interested in spiritual rather than secular matters. High Cardinal Krozen, in particular, has taken most of the secular administration of the nation into his purview and largely treats Thrane as his personal kingdom.[citation needed]

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