Source Player's Handbook
Health heroic
Martial good
Skill poor
Save fortitude
Spellcasting None

The Fighter is an all purpose combat expert skilled with a variety of weapons. What the fighter lacks in special class abilities they more than make up for in additional bonus feats which can be chosen from a long list of combat oriented feats. These feats can be used to mold the fighter into a specialized combat expert. Anything from a tough to kill warmachine wielding a hard hitting greatclub in two hands clearing a swath of open ground where once stood opponents, to a eagle-eyed crackshot archer able to pick a bird out of the sky from 100 yards.

Special Abilities Edit

Bonus Feats - the fighter is granted bonus feats in addition to the standard feats every character gets at certain levels. These feats allow the fighter to customize his abilities like no other class.

Fighters in Eberron Edit

Many Fighters in the world of Eberron are veterans of the Last War that now find their martial skills are no longer in such high demand. They usually find work as mercenaries, bodyguards for wealthy nobles, city patrolmen, or team up with a troupe of adventurers.

Famous Fighters Edit

Of the most famous fighters in Eberron are the members of House Deneith.

Commentary on Fighters Edit

If you have played a fighter in Eberron write a short commentary on how playing the class worked or didn't work for you.

For more information regarding playing fighters and for specific game mechanics consult the Player's Handbook

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