The Faded Forest is a sizable stretch of woodland in Breland near the village of Mistmarsh, just north of the Howling Peaks.[1]

There is little color in the Faded Forest. The trees have a pale bark and leaves that appear to be almost black. Where the forest meets the marsh, the trees are dead, their branches and trunks reaching up into the sky like bleached bones protruding from the earth. The forest is home to two rare trees: dragonseye oak and ghost oak. The people of Mistmarsh make a good portion of their living harvesting the magical acorns of these two trees.[1]

In the center of the drowned trees lies a massive arch made of bleached white wood. On the tenth night of each month, this portal becomes a gate to Mabar, and the entire region becomes a manifest zone throughout the month of Sypheros. Though the markings in the arch indicate that it was created during the Daelkyr War, no one knows for sure who constructed it. The few travelers foolish enough to attempt to desecrate the arch have met with a quick and untimely end.[1]



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