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The Face of Eberron is a massive stone shaped to resemble a dragon's head. Priests of Thir believe the stone to be the head of the Progenitor Dragon Eberron, and therefore a holy site.[1][2]



A map of Argonnessen, showing the location of the Face of Eberron.

The Face of Eberron is located near Argonnessen's southern coast in the Thousand.[1]


The Face itself is a stone head measuring 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) from the tip of its snout to its rear horns. The origin of the head is unknown, but if it was sculpted it would have to have been carved from a mountain range.[1][2]

Religious Significance[]

Some priests of Thir believe that there will come a day that the Face of Eberron will begin to speak and share her knowledge. On that day the entire world will be able to hear her voice.[1][2]

Dragon druids who follow the Thir religion consider themselves to be children of Eberron, and the stone head to be a holy site. These dragons use it is a place of instruction to teach magic to younger druids.[1][3]