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Agents and Enemies
Publication Dungeon Magazine issue #181
Date August 2010
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Backdrop
Author Jeff LaSala
Illustrator Craig J. Spearing
Pages 4-13
Edition 4th ed.

"The inauspicious few who know about the Fortress of Fading Dreams either try to forget they do or attempt to use this knowledge for personal gain. Taer Lian Doresh is a city out of myths where ancient minds contemplate revenge against the world outside, where hope is leached away by fear, where nightmares are clothed in flesh. Although knowledge of the Fortress and its location can grant one considerable power, it also invites attention from those within -- and few things are more perilous than earning the interest of these sinister fey. Yet not all who come and go within its halls serve its interests. In fact, some might even ally against Shan Doresh, the feyspire's eladrin lord. But in Taer Lian Doresh alliances -- like dreams -- are doomed to fade."