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Expeditionary Dispatches
Author(s) Keith Baker
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Magazine Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine
Dates February 2008 to November 2009

Expeditionary Dispatches was a regular series for Dragon Magazine upon its move from Paizo Publishing printed magazines to Wizards of the Coast PDFs. Highlighting various backdrops in the Eberron campaign setting, Expeditionary Dispatches articles were written by Eberron creator Keith Baker.

Expeditionary Dispatches debuted in Dragon Magazine #362, in February 2008, with three articles. After that, the series moved to one article an issue. (It is presumed that the first two articles were slated for issues #360 and 361, but were bumped for coverage of the in-development and ready-for-launch 4th edition.)

The series continued somewhat regularly until October 2008, with two trailing articles in May 2009 (Dragon issue #375) and November 2009 (Dungeon issue #172).

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