The ethergaunt, or Khen-zai as they call themselves, are a kind of extraplanar aberration that exist in the Ethereal Plane.[2]

History Edit

The Ethergaunts served the daelkyr, their creators, ten thousand years ago, during the Daelkyr War. When the gates to Xoriat were closed by the Gatekeeper Druids, the ethergaunts fled to the Ethereal Plane. After the fall of the Dhakaani Empire, human settlers from Sarlona came to Khorvaire. The humans became food for a race of fey known as Joystealers. The Ethergaunts began taking the Joystealers as slaves. Most Ethergaunts remain on the Ethereal Plane, though some permanently reside on the Material Plane.[3]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

The ethergaunts are long, spindly humanoids, creations of the daelkyr.[3]

They come in three species: red ethergaunts, white ethergaunts, and black ethergaunts.[2]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Ethergaunts use a number of technological devices to aid them. First amongst them is the etherblade, a short glaive topped with a hollow barrel. The etherblade can project a spell-like blast, plus can be used as a two-handed bladed weapon.

Another tool they use are called doubt bombs. These small ceramic spheres which overstimulate the "doubt centers" of most humanoids' brains. Upon shattering, doubt bombs create a noxious smoke over an area of ten feet. Ethergaunts themselves are immune to their doubt bombs.[2]


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