Eston is a small city in Cyre, once one of its major cities standing beside Lake Arul on the northwestern border, and now a ruin on the edge of the Mournland. It was once home to the base of operations of House Cannith.[1][2][3][4][5] It was renowned as a "place of wonders", said to be where "magic comes to life".[5]


The city started as a successful mining town.[5]

Fueled by the mineral resources, Eston was the birthplace of House Cannith, and thanks to the dragonmarked house it became famous for mechanical marvels. Decades of research on artificial creatures by Cannith artificers here led to the invention of the warforged, with a miraculous early breakthrough made in the Steel Gardens of Eston.[5]

Early in the Last War, the first extended campaign saw the siege of Eston in 895 YK.[6]

On the Day of Mourning in 994 YK, the hills outside Eston sank into the ground with no more than a sigh, but underground, the shafts collapsed and miners were buried alive. The shifting land triggered earthquakes and Eston was devastated by the catastrophe,[1][2][3][4] the worst of any city in Cyre.[7] A few folk escaped with magic, but most were lost.[2] Many of House Cannith's most prominent members, including its patriarch, were lost there.[1]


Eston lies around 70 miles (110 kilometers) east of Lake Arul and the Brey River, making it the only major Cyran settlement that isn't located on a waterway. Instead, the village of Totens linked Eston to the Brey. It once lay near a cluster of hills rising from the plains, but these hills descended into the plains in the Mourning. The Brey moved 30 miles (48 kilometers) closer to Eston, while Lake Arul's basin widened and flooded to twice its size. Tremors continued to be felt in 998 YK.[2]

By lightning rail, on the Western Line from Breland, Eston is 2,164 miles (3483 kilometers) or 3 days and 15 minutes from Sharn, and 630 miles (1014 kilometers) or 21 hours from Vathirond. On the Karrnath Line, Eston is 1,976 miles (3180 kilometers) or 2 days and 18 hours from Korth, and 780 miles (1255 kilometers) or 1 day and 2 hours from Metrol, Cyre's capital.[8]


Eston is more heavily ruined than Metrol, the capital. Collapsed buildings lie on every street corner and entire neighborhoods are buried in rubble.[1][4]

Before the Mourning, Eston was the center of operations for House Cannith. An impressive three creation forges were sited here,[2][3][4][5] accompanied by proving grounds for the training of cadres of newborn warforged. Said to be where "magic comes to life", Eston was renowned as a city of marvels, such as the Clockwork Menagerie and the Steel Gardens, showcases of constructs, golems, and homunculi from Cannith's century of development. Here, clockwork birds sat and sang in steel-barked silvery trees and skycoaches transported smiths and magewrights between forges.[5]

The city was protected from storms and strong winds by a huge iridescent dome.[5]

It also has a lightning rail station.[8]


It was a prosperous mining city.[4][5] From the rich hillside mines, Eston produced much iron and rare ores such as adamantine, which were essential materials in the production of warforged.[2][5]


All around the ruins of Eston, roaming living spells and all kinds of mutant monsters prey on whatever they can find. They also lurk in Lake Arul and hunt the shores. They make it very difficult to reach Eston via land or water.[1] These living spells include not only damaging spells, but also living continual flames seen crawling through the streets, climbing lampposts, and fleeing visitors, and living scrying spells that shift, shimmer, and show images of faraway places upon them. The constructs are also twisted and transformed, with reports of a huge golem gorgon and flocks of razor-winged mechanical songbirds. Hence Eston is a weird and dangerous place—still a place where magic comes to life, now quite literally.[5]

Daring these hazards nonetheless, scavengers and treasure hunters try to get to Eston to loot it of whatever Cannith marvels they can find in the ruins and rubble. The lost wealth, untapped ores, and Cannith vaults and creation forges make Eston an enticing prize, but the tremors and monsters prevent them from getting more regular loot.[1][2][4][5] The old Cannith warehouses are a particular target for all groups, as they're thought to hold stores of precious metals, including adamantine.[3][4]

The warforged devotees of the Lord of Blades also come here for metal supplies, and it's even been claimed they've reopened the mines. They are as much a threat to the treasure hunters.[4] Eston is one proposed site for their base of operations.[9]

The ir'Kulan noble family was based in Eston and had estates there.[10]


Among many proposed origins, some believe the Lord of Blades to have been the last warforged to emerge from Eston's creation forges, right before the Mourning.[9][11]


The city played a major role in the Last War. The city is where Mishann ir'Wynarn set sail for Thronehold and her throne.[citation needed]

Eston was Cyre's main port and was where Cyre launched many of its naval battles. The city had a lot of mineral wealth and for this reason it was attacked many times and was besieged three times but thanks to House Cannith the city did not fall.[citation needed]


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