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Energons are sentient energy that has coalesced into an alien form of life. These beings wander the energy planes of Irian and Mabar.[2][1]


Two different species of energons are known:


The xag-ya are native to the plane of Irian, and are infused with positive energy. They will harm any undead they come into contact with, and bolster any deathless.[2][1]


The xeg-yi are native to the plane of Mabar, and are infused with negative energy. They will harm any deathless they come into contact with, and bolster any undead.[2][1]


Energons appear as translucent globes roughly 2 feet (0.61 meters) in diameter. Emerging from the "rear" of the globe are anywhere from six to twelve tentacles that aid the energon in locomotion. Energons float in the air, and use their tentacles to move. Energons give off an aura, either of heat for the xag-ya or cold for the xeg-yi. Within the translucent globe are a pair of spots that vaguely resemble eyes.[1]


Energons are barely sentient, and usually do not get involved with matters of the Material Plane. However, they may be captured by necromancers or other undead mystics and used to bolster their forces.[1]


In addition to their ability to fly and their incorporeal nature, energons can project an energy blast: xag-ya can project a positive energy blast, while xeg-yi can project a negative energy blast. When an energon is destroyed, it explodes in a wave of whatever power it contained.[1]

Energons possess no strength, and a great deal about them is still a mystery: how they sense the world, how they consume food, and how they procreate. Energons cannot speak, nor do they seem to even be able to communicate with each other.[1]


Behind the Scenes[]

A number of other energons were outlined in the 3rd-edition Planar Handbook, including the xac-yel, xac-yij, xap-yaup, xong-yong, and xor-yost. However, none of these energons were placed in the Eberron Campaign Setting, so they are not listed here.[3]