The Endworld Mountains in eastern Khorvaire separate the nation of Q'barra off from the rest of the continent. Inhabited by various orc tribes, the Endworld Mountains also have various Q'barran towns at their feet, including Whitecliff.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

During a time untold, an unrecorded dwarven empire inhabited the Endworld Mountains, but the name of that empire is lost to the ages.[2]

Over ten thousand years ago, the Endworld Mountains were part of the territory of the dragonborn empire, which had landed in Q'barra, annexed the native lizardfolk and kobold tribes, and began expanding into the Blade Desert. However, 10,000 years ago, the goblinoid Dhakaani Empire expanded its territory through the Talenta Plains and into the Blade Desert. They drove the lizardfolk and dragonborn back past the Endworld Mountains, forcing them back to Q'barra.[1][3]

The Endworld Mountains served as the eastern border of the Dhakaani Empire for the next thousand years. However, the empire was decimated by the daelkyr during the Daelkyr War. With the goblin empire falling, the halflings of the Talenta Plains regrew their numbers. In addition, the orc tribes, their numbers also greatly reduced in the wake of the Daelkyr War, came to live in the Endworld Mountains, amongst others.[1][2]

During the Last War, Cyran Duke Ven ir'Kesslan petitioned for the land east of the Endworld Mountains. Approved, he took a flotilla of ships around the Endworld Mountains to found the new nation of New Galifar of Q'barra in the jungles to the east of the mountains. Also during the Last War, refugees made their way through the Blade Desert and the Endworld Mountains to create a second nation, called Hope. Now, multiple settlements exist on the eastern foot of the Endworld Mountains, including Nightbit, Whitecliff, and Wyrmwatch.[3]

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Deep within the Endworld Mountains, the Temple of the Sapphire Eidolon is the destination of those wishing to learn the magic of incarnum.[2]

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