Elaydren d'Cannith is an NPC featured in the adventure The Forgotten Forge and again in Shadows of the Last War. She introduces herself as a member of House Cannith West. Secretly, however, she works for Baron Merrix d'Cannith of Cannith South. She possesses the Least Mark of Making.
The heirloom, according to family legends, was locked away in a foundry that dates back to Pre-Galifar Sharn..... -Perhaps you would be willing to recover the heirloom for me. For a generous reward of course.
  — Lady Elaydren upon meeting the adventurers


She is described in the Forgotten Forge as wearing a dark blue cloak and having delicate features. She has dark blue eyes and sleek black hair bound with silver and turquoise ornaments. She wears a House Cannith signet ring on her right ring finger and speaks in a soft but clear voice.

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