Elans are an exceptionally rare kind of near-human psionic aberrations created through a special ritual.[2][3]

History Edit

The elans represent a dark side of the process of Inspiration that allows a quori to posses a willing empty vessel.[3]

Elans contain the quori spirit, condemned to reside powerless within a human form by its kin for crimes against the quori. This process is not voluntary, and it often ends with the vessel eventually falling to madness over its long life.[3]

Appearance & Personality Edit

The elans resemble the human vessels from whom they are derived, and retain much of the variety in personalities and appearance of their human forebears.[2] Elans often go mad, and some believe they hear the voices of the spirit trapped within them.[3]

As with all residents of Riedra, Elans are indoctrinated into the Path of Inspiration and believe their noble actions can redemn the evil spirits bound within them. Most elans in Riedra join the Harmonious Shield, and many belong to the Edgewalkers.[3]

A few elan have been known to reject the Path of Inspiration, and flee to other parts of Sarlona to make their own path.[3]

Abilities Edit

Elan can potentially live for many centuries.[2][3]

Elans are naturally psionic aberrations, and have several supernatural abilities stemming from their nature. They do not sleep, instead trancing for 4 hours each night to replenish their psionic powers. They can temporarily protect themselves from harm, or reduce the damage of an attack.[2]

An elan can sustain itself purely on its own psionic power, and would not need to eat for a day after it uses this power.[2]

Society Edit

Elans are often integrated into the surrounding human society.[2]

Elans loyal to the Path of Inspiration remain in Riedra, where they join the Harmonious Shield and the Edgewalkers. Those who learn the truth or reject their lot in life have been known to flee to Adar, where they are treated with suspicion but may prove to be powerful opponents to the might of Riedra. [3]

Lands Edit

Elans hold no land, but primarily reside in Riedra.[3] Besides Riedra, Elans have been known to flee to the continents of Khorvaire, Xen'drik, or Argonnessen as well as to Adar.[3]

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