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"In the monumental task of war,
true triumph evades those without
an appreciation for history."
Karrn the Conqueror, Analects of War

A guide to Eberron that anyone can edit, covering all editions and media.

The Wiki Chronicle

King Kaius

King Kaius. He looks familiar somehow...

The Wiki Chronicle returns at last, with this extra-special, extra-extra-extra-late edition. Sorry for the wait, everyone, but we get there in the end.

  • Where the Bloody Hells Have You Been: Lost in the planes, BadCatMan fetched up in Shavarath, the Battleground, caught between three ever-warring armies. He evaded a shredstorm, only to be caught in the slobbering jaws of a mivilorn, before being rescued by a word archon. He returned via the no-less-hazardous Ash Tower in the Mournland, and so offers his apologies for the lateness of his report.
  • Just a Strong Family Resemblance: Perses13 bravely returned to Karrnath to begin his biographies of Kings Kaius I and Kaius III, but had some issues after noting some suspicious similarities...
  • Call Him a Connoissewer: Resident sanitation specialist SunderedShor undertook a survey of the sewers of Eberron, paying particular attention to the surprisingly spacious system beneath Stormreach, and found them to be just as unpleasant as we always imagined.

Featured Article

The Traveler
The Traveler is a deity of the Dark Six, titled The Sovereign of Chaos and Change and often called simply the Giver of Gifts. The Traver is the god of chaos and change, and of deception, evolution, invention, and transformation, and is followers by changelings, doppelgangers, and shifters, as well as by rogues and artificers. The most mysterious of all the gods, he, or she, or it, is the supreme shapeshifter and trickster, walking all the roads of the world and with a thousand faces and names, causing and inspiring change and giving gifts. A famous proverb says "Beware the gifts of the Traveler", warning that gifts and good fortune may have unexpected results, hidden dangers, or strings attached.

New & Upcoming Releases

Vecna Eve of Ruin cover
Vecna: Eve of Ruin is an adventure for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th-edition ruleset. Featuring Vecna and the Rod of Seven Parts, it makes a whistlestop tour of several D&D settings: Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Planescape, and Spelljammer, so don't get comfortable.

Who Will Save Existence?

The evil lich-god Vecna has unearthed secrets he can use to unravel and remake the multiverse. Stopping Vecna will require working with three of the multiverse's most famous archmages, traveling to far-flung locales, and rebuilding the legendary Rod of Seven Parts.


  • Steel Genesis is a portfolio of artworks by an unknown artist, likely a member of the Blades, focusing on the Lord of Blades that was discovered in a lightning rail station locker.
  • Nymm is one of the twelve moons of Eberron. It associated with royalty and those born when it is ascendant are said to be sociable and charismatic and to become gifted orators or successful con artists.

Featured Image

Valenar Elf
An elf scout of Valenar overlooking the city of Taer Valaestas.


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