The Eberron Campaign Guide is the 4th edition version of the Eberron Campaign Setting. It is one of two books that are essential to play in the Eberron Campaign. The other essential book is the 4th edition Eberron Player's Guide. The Eberron Campaign Guide much like its previous version details the world of eberron and provides game statistics for items and enemies. 

Welcome to a world of swashbuckling action and dark fantasy, a world ruled by great dynasties and tempered by war. The Eberron campaign setting holds many wonders, from dragonmarks to warforged, deadly dungeons to elemental airships. As the shadows of evil and conspiracy threaten to envelope the land, heroes of prophecy come forth to save the day.

This Dungeons & Dragons supplement contains everything you need to run thrilling adventures in the world of Eberron: historical and geographical information, adventure hooks, monsters, villains, an introductory adventure, and a full-color poster map of the continent of Khorvaire.

Monster List[edit | edit source]

Eberron Sourcebooks
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