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Eberron is a planet within its own unique cosmology.[1]


Eberron is a part of the Great Wheel cosmology and the overall multiverse, being situated deep in the Great Wheel's Ethereal plane. However, there it lies at the center of its own material plane and its very own cosmology of other planes that orbit it and have profound effects upon it. Furthermore, this cosmology and the Ring of Siberys seal the world away from the regular Great Wheel planes, preventing outside deities and powers both celestial and fiendish from having an influence there.[1]

Nevertheless, it is possible to travel to and from Eberron via the planes, at least in theory. One can go through the Ethereal plane or use one of the various spells intended for traversing the planes, but the cosmology is designed specifically to prevent this.[1] Alternate material planes such as Eberron's may also be reached by going deep into the Plane of Shadow or through a shadow portal there, using a shared demiplane as a "corridor between worlds", or even as a freak result of cataclysmic planar event like breaking a staff of power, but again this is only theoretical.[2][note 1] Only a few very specific methods of coming to and leaving Eberron are known.

First, there is of course the World Serpent Inn. A variety of doors here open to Eberron, with one of the few known relatively permanent ones leading to the Queen's Kiss flower shop in Fairhaven. Others open to Sarlona, Sharn, and Stormreach, while one rotting door leads into the ruins of Metrol in the Mournland.[3]

The second, and most unreliable, is through Baba Yaga's dancing hut, which travels all the worlds and planes. In its Hall of Gateways, a portal called the World Gate links to every world Baba Yaga knows of, including Eberron, as well as their respective Shadowfells and Feywilds. This is guarded by a pair of oath wights of Athas.[4]

Third, there is a way through Khyber. Starting from Eberron, in the Harbor of Stormreach, one can take a passage into Khyber to reach the Spinner's Prison, where there could be the Rift Between Worlds. This links to part of a plane called the Demonweb Pits, which in turn contains a portal to a cave south of the town of Eveningstar on another planet called Toril. One can return the same way and afterward teleport to speed the journey.[5]

Fourth, there is a way through the Demiplane of Dread, otherwise known as Ravenloft. A misty portal between two trees in the House Jorasco Enclave in Stormreach takes a traveler who hears the cries of anguish emanating from within into the mists and onto the Old Svalich Road in Barovia. A similar portal also stands, conveniently, near the same cave south of Eveningstar. Certain portals in Barovia take one back to the Eveningstar cave or the House Jorasco enclave.[5]


Eberron and its unique cosmology were created by three great progenitor wyrms. They designed a new cosmic system, made a new planet, and populated it with recreations of the dragons, elves, orcs, and other races of the multiverse. However, they intended that they evolve outside the influence of their respective deities like Corellon, Lolth, Gruumsh, and others.[1]

In spite this, Lolth would still inevitably somehow gain influence there. After an imprisoned demon Overlord of Eberron known as the Spinner of Shadows (who seems a lot like Lolth) was slain by adventurers there, a passage called the Rift Between Worlds opened in the Spinner's Prison. This led into Lolth's Demonweb Pits. The Gatekeeper druid Tavnar Kronnak and Elminster, the Sage of Shadowdale, investigated this rift from their respective sides and curious adventurers went through. They found taunting messages from Lolth suggesting she'd allied with and tricked the Lords of Dust and had drow servants there, as part of a plot to acquire dragonshards, destroy Eberron, take over Toril's Weave, become its new goddess of magic, and so on and so forth. She even encouraged the adventurers to come through, like flies into a spider's web. A nearby portal took them to Toril, to a cave south of Eveningstar.[5]


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  1. As Eberron lies in an alternate material plane, these methods in 3rd-edition Manual of the Planes appear applicable, but are unconfirmed and predate the Eberron setting. Nevertheless, the Rift Between Worlds may fit the freak event theory and the World Serpent Inn and Ravenloft's Demiplane of Dread are both demiplanes.

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