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The Duur'kala or "dirge singers" are musically trained group of storytellers of the goblinoids of Darguun (the loose equivalent for other races are bards). They are spiritual leaders of the goblinoids and are held in high esteem. For example, the order of goblin spies and assassins known as Shaarat'khesh will not kill a Duur'kala. They are also trained to be spies and diplomats. Most Duur'kala are female.

They are respected for their ability to recall long and elaborate stories of the Dhakaani Empire. These stories recall the etiquette, traditions, and exploits of the empire, which greatly influence the modern Darguun goblins. They are sung to the young goblinoids as a method of schooling them on their heritage as they mature. A second aspect to the songs of the dirge singers are their magical properties. These songs can motivate the body to heal itself. There are other songs that can cause sleep, confusion, and damage to enemies.

There are some famous Duur'kala. Jhazaal Dhakaan is known as the best Duur'kala of all time. She united the six kings to form the empire. Her voice was so powerful that it is lore that she could charm a person with a word and end a battle with a scream. She was also a talented craftsperson who created many famous artifacts like the horn Ghaal'duur. A second famous dirge singer is Tuura Dhakaan. She is the leader of the Kech Volaar. Some consider her the strongest singer the clans have seen in one thousand years.




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