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Dungeon issue 192 was released in July of 2011 in online format only. It contains the following articles related to Eberron:

Creature Incarnations: Abyssal Plague Demons[]

By Michael E. Shea, illustrated by Kieran Yanner. p. 52–56

This article documents the various demon creatures spawned by the Abyssal plague. [citation template]

Eye on Eberron: Kyrzin, The Prince of Slime[]

By Keith Baker, illustrated by Drew Pocza. p. 73–75

A look at Kyrzin, the daelkyr lord of slime and ooze. [citation template]

Monster Manual Update: Gibbering Beast[]

By Logan Bonner, illustrated by Thomas M. Baxa and Pete Venters. p. 76–78

Updates and lore for the gibbering beasts. [citation template]

Monster Manual Update: Chuul[]

By Logan Bonner, illustrated by Wayne Reynolds and Francis Tsai. p. 79–80

Updates and lore for the chuul. [citation template]

Monster Manual Update: Grell[]

By Logan Bonner, illustrated by Alexey Aparin and Francis Tsai. p. 81–83

Updates and lore for the grell. [citation template]


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