Source Player's Handbook
Health good
Martial average
Skill average
Save will and fortitude
Spellcasting average
Races shifters

A versatile and heroic character, the druid combines the wonder of natural magic with a fair sense of combat to make a truly unique type of hero. With divine magic granted to them by the natural world or specific nature-focused gods, the druid feels most at home away from civilization where his natural magic can have the most impact. Usually followed by a loyal animal companion, the druid can transform himself into a wild animal taking on all the abilities of the animal while in the beastial form.

Special Abilities Edit

Evocations - Druids cast primal magic granted them by the first animal, known as the primal beast, as well as the spirits who attend to the natural world. Druids powers, like all primal powers, are called evocations. The druids evocations mostly deal with the natural world, and as controllers they often use it as an offensive weapon, protect allies, and limit or control the movements of their enemies.

Wild Shape - the druid has the supernatural ability to transform into an animal or natural or fey origin, or even a shadowy form of fur and feathers, an echo of the primal beast. As the druid grows in power they are able to tap into more powerful forms and powers.

Other Natural Abilities - the druid's focus on the natural world grants them other boons as they progress including immunity to poison, the ability to walk without a trail and becoming ageless.

Druids in Eberron Edit

Several druidic sects occupy Khorvaire and their numbers can be found spread throughout the realm, though mostly in unspoiled natural areas such as the Eldeen Reaches or Valenar though many druids traverse the open expanses of Khorvaire and a few even call some of the sprawling metropolises home. The tradition of druidism was first brought to Khorvaire by the dragon Vvaraak who taught the orcs of the Shadow Marches the secrets of the natural world in an effort to protect the world from the impending invasion of the daelkyr.

Famous Druids Edit

Druidic SectsEdit

Druids rarely work completely alone. Over the millenia, druids have gathered in numerous sects. The largest sect is the Wardens of the Wood who have become the de facto governing body of the Eldeen Reaches. Most other druidic sects, such as the Gatekeepers are nomadic, but still are most commonly found in the Eldeen Reaches as well. However, druids can be found across Eberron, especially in other areas of dominant wilderness, such as Q'barra and many areas of Xen'drik.

See Druidic sects for more information about specific sects.


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