Clan Droranath is a dwarf clan of the Mror Holds.[1]

It is based at Droranathhold, in the central Ironroot Mountains.[2] The area holds less natural resources than other dwarf holds, but it's sufficient for Clan Droranath to be a respectable force and worth having as an ally, rather than a foe.[1]

Harkening back to a more primitive age, Droranath warriors have erratic moods and wield their rage in battle. Many become barbarians, and Droranath earn high wages all around Khorvaire.[1]

They fight with the Jhorash'tar incessantly. This places them in feuds with Clans Toldorath and Tordannon.[1][2] Clan Narathun feuds with Clan Droranath over a business deal they say Droranath reneged on a long time past.[2]




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