Dreadhold is a prison island off the northern coast of Cape Far in the Lhazaar Principalities.[1]


Dreadhold was created on the orders of Karrn the Conqueror of Karrnath, so that he might send overthrown rulers and out-of-favor courtiers into exile there.[1]

However, the first kings of Galifar had it converted into an almost inescapable prison for people too dangerous to set free but too important to just execute.[1]

Today, the prison houses the most dangerous criminals of Khorvaire. Several are here for atrocities committed during the Last War.[1]


These prisoners are watched by dwarves in service of House Kundarak. The prison is bleak and many of the dwarves here think of it as exile, but regardless those with the Mark of Warding ensure its security.[1]


An important prisoner from Karrnath is rumored to be imprisoned in Dreadhold.[1]

It's also been claimed that the dwarf warders force the prisoners to mine Khyber dragonshards from chasms deep under the island.[1]



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