The dragonhawk resembles a cross between a dragon and a hawk. The dragonhawk is the national symbol of Aundair.[1][2]


The dragonhawk has a long and storied history in the nation of Aundair. A number of large aeries dot Aundair and the Eldeen Reaches, which are numbered: The First Aerie sits in the midst of the Eldeen Reaches, while the Fourth Aerie is in southern Aundair. The majestic dragonhawk appears on the heraldry of Aundair, as a silhouette on a deep blue background. In fact, the noblest of knight will ride dragonhawks into combat, and dragonhawk-mounted troops flew on Aundair's side during the Last War.[1][2]

In fact, the dragonhawks played a key part in the Sky Battle of Daskaran. In 909 YK, the Last War saw its first aerial combat, as a force of 27 Sky Knights of Aundair flew dragonhawks against 30 Wyvernriders of Thrane. Fought across the sky, both sides lost a fifth of their forces, and both sides claimed victory. In addition to the Sky Battle of Daskaran, dragonhawks were also key in the siege of Eston of 913 YK, the Sack of Westhaven in 953 YK, the Battle of the Crying Fields in 955 YK, and the Battle of Ten Bombards in 971 YK.[3]

At some point after the Eldeen Reaches announced its independence from Aundair, the druids of Aundair began experimenting with awakened dragonhawks. These dragonhawks would travel to from the First Aerie to other aeries to turn the non-awakened dragonhawks against Aundair.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Dragonhawk Rider over Aundair

A dragonhawk and rider over Aundair

This large bird almost looks like across between a bird and a dragon, though there is no dragonblood in its history. The dragonhawk is large enough to ride mounted, and frequently is. Its head had a sharpened beak, with a crest of pointed feathers. Its wingspan is huge, with feathers in varying colors of browns and whites.[1]


The dragonhawk has razor-sharp talons, which it uses to attack prey. Their sharpened beak helps in snapping up prey. Normally, a dragonhawk preys on smaller creatures, though it is not unheard of for dragonhawks to hunt bigger prey, like kobolds. Occasionally, a dragonhawk may feast on an unattended horse.

The thin feather at the base of a dragonhawk's beak is extremely sensitive to vibration. This allows the dragonhawk to detect threats quickly at a far distance, even in complete darkness.[1]


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