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Dragon issue 394 was released in PDF format only in December of 2010. It contained the following articles possibly related to Eberron:

Totem Creatures of the Far Realm: The Aberrant Souls[]

By Galen Mullins. p. 25

Throughout the world, there are those who find themselves touched by the Far Realm. Most fight back and try to reject it, but the Aberrant Soul embraces it to create a totemic link with an aberrant creature.

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Legendary Eladrin Items[]

By Matthew Sernett, illustrated by Slawomir Maniak p. 42–46

Who knows when a thing thought to exist only in the mind of bards might leap into the lives of those around it as readily as any story might fire their imaginations? Such is the case with these four legendary items. [citation template]

Arena of Shadows[]

By Sarah Zettel, illustrated by Craig J. Spearing. p. 65–75

Duke Arisor had become too cavalier about his own safety of late. He was not the first of Fairhaven's prosperous citizens to assume that because the city was well-ordered it was essentially safe. It was but one of his mistakes. [citation template]


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