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Dragon issue 364 was released in June of 2008 as a PDF. It contained the following articles possibly related to Eberron:

Playing Warforged[]

By Chris Sims, illustrated by Eric Deschamps. p. 27–35

Warforged and how to play them. [citation template]

Creature Incarnations: Kobolds[]

By Michael Mearls. p. 55–59

How to build a kobold lair and random crazy things for kobolds to do when they drop a PC.

Class Acts: Wizard[]

By Rodney Thompson. p. 68

Level 1 to 10 wizard powers with an illusory theme.

maze of mirrors

Design & Development: The Dungeon Master's Guide[]

By James Wyatt. p. 75

A chapter-by-chapter look at the new Dungeon Master's Guide.

Expeditionary Dispatches: The Forest of Flesh[]

By Keith Baker, illustrated by Brian Hagan and Chris Burdett. p. 70–74

The works of Mordain the Fleshweaver. [citation template]


banshee's boughtryyl


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