The Dragons of Eberron are different from mainstream D&D ones in the fact that, while inclined towards the alignment of their race, they are not bound to it. Thus, it is possible to have a Chaotic Evil silver dragon or a Lawful Good red dragon in Eberron. They also fill an important story role. They fulfill much of the duties that gods normally would in the campaign as near-omnipotent meddlers.

Dragons in Eberron were one of the first races, if not the first. They fought the creatures of Khyber in the Demon Wars that were the first epic conflict of the world. The war ended when Dragons bound all of the horrors of the conflict, including the mighty Rajahs, underneath the planet's surface.

Later, dragons would aid the giant civilization of Xen'drik in defeating the Quori. Later, they would turn upon their allies and utterly annihilate the giant civilization when they attempted to use their eldritch machines against their revolting slaves. The dragons would be frustrated in a war against the nation of Aerenal as the Undying Court wielded power that matched their own.

The dragons would remain removed from the politics of Khorvaire, except for those who belong to The Chamber. One member of their ranks would teach the Gatekeepers how to bind demons and thus win the Daelkyr War. This would also lead to the rise of druidism.

Most dragons are fearful of interfering in the world and base nearly all of their actions on the Draconic Prophecy. This is a strange prophecy that seems tied somehow to Dragonmarks, celestial bodies, and the dragons themselves.

Most dragons inhabit the continent of Argonnessen.

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