The Iokharic script, from Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons
Script Iokharic
Spoken by Dragonborn, Dragons, Kobolds,
Lizardfolk, Troglodytes

Draconic is the language of the dragons. Some say that the draconic script was created by Io, the great dragon of magic and knowledge.[1]

The draconic of today is much different than Ancient Draconic, the language of the Draconic Prophecy and the dragonmarks; however, there are enough similarities that someone who understands modern draconic could translate a dragonmark into the reader's language.[2]

In the current day, draconic is still spoken by the dragons of Argonnessen, as well as their descendants: the dragonborn, the kobolds, the lizardfolk, and the troglodytes.[1]


Below are known draconic words and their common translations:[3][4]

  • drakamakki: dragon-kings
  • drakatha: dragonborn of Argonnessen
  • hathandra: travelers or pilgrims (those who travel)
  • randravekk: elf (giant-slave)
  • takarra: wings
  • trothlorsvek: dragonborn of Q'barra (defenders of the prophecy)
  • ukristroth: bard

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the third edition, draconic was the language of the dragons, complete with its own script, also called draconic. With the fourth edition, the script changed to Iokharic, with the debut of the Iokharic script in the sourcebook Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons.


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