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Doresain is a powerful exarch of the demon Orcus who was present on Khorvaire during the reign of Galifar I.[1]


During this time, he attempted to raise an army of the undead to free his demon lord from his prison within Khyber. He was almost successful but was stopped from doing so by Sir Keegan and his paladins of Dol Dorn who managed to seal Doresain himself within Mabar near the area which would one day become Winterhaven.[1]

Despite being trapped, Doresain was able to reach out and take his revenge against Keegan, possessing the man and forcing him to kill his entire family and friends as they stood guard in Shadowfell Keep. Since this time, the seals on the rift weakened whenever Winterhaunt was upon the land as a result of Mabar becoming coterminous.[1]

Around a thousand years after Doresain was trapped within Mabar, Kalarel—a follower of the Blood of Vol—attempted to free Doresain from his prison in order to ally with him to gain power for the organization and rise within its ranks.[1]




Dungeon #155: "Keep on the Shadowfell" (Eberron Conversion)

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