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The dolgrue are aberrations created ages ago by the daelkyr. The dolgrue are the result of manipulation of bugbears, which were used by the daelkyr to fight against their former empire. Though most dolgrue were defeated thousands of years ago, some remain deep within Khyber, working for other aberrations such as dolgaunts.[1]


Approximately 9,000 years ago, in the Age of Monsters, the plane of Xoriat became coterminous with the plane of Eberron. During that time, the lords of Xoriat, an aberrant race known as the daelkyr, pierced the planar walls and launched an invasion of Eberron, on the continent of Khorvaire. They assaulted the goblinoid Dhakaani Empire, decimating most of western Khorvaire.[2]

The daelkyr lords, masters of shaping reality, found joy in twisting the beings of Eberron to suit their own purposes. While some daeklyr lords created aberrations like beholders and aboleths, Dyrrn the Corruptor used his enemies as his canvas. Dyrrn took the bodies of the bugbears, and molded them into the first dolgrue. Over the course of the next 4,000 years, the Dhakaan fell. However, the daelkyr soon found themselves against the Gatekeeper druids, who used their magic to push the daelkyr back to Xoriat.[1][2]

Some dolgrue, however, have remained on Eberron, and have fled deep beneath Khyber. They usually fall under the employ of other aberrations, such as dolgaunts, illithids, or kyra.[1]


Dolgrues stand twice as tall as a normal human. They are heavily muscled, with mottled pink skin dotted with bony nodules and plates. Their heads are long and muzzled, with several rows of teeth and bugbear-like nose and ears. Their arms end in crab-like claws, and they possess a thin tail.[1]


As a side effect of their creation, dolgrues are in constant, unrelievable agony.[1]

Dolgrues are not very intelligent. They revel in battle, using their claws and teeth to rend their foes, but are incapable of complex strategies. They rarely listen to commands, even from superiors. When not under the sway of other daelkyr, dolgures will form their own nomadic bands of up to twenty.[1]


Dolgrues rely on their large claws to rend through their prey, snapping them in twain. They have a natural ability to heal their wounds, and, like other daelkyr, are vulnerable to byeshk.[1]