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A dolgaunt is a kind of aberration created by the daelkyr during their invasion of Khorvaire.[4][5]


The dolgaunts were formed out of hobgoblins by Dyrrn the Corruptor during the Age of Monsters.[1]


They act as commanders of the lesser aberrations, such as the dolgrims.[4][5]


Dolgaunts resemble eyeless, emaciated hobgoblins festooned with tendrils and cilia. They are pale and move with unnatural speed and grace. Their cilia allow them to "see" without their eyes out to impressive distances.[4][5][1]


Dolgaunts possess a unique mode of communication that uses subtle movements of their many tentacle-like appendages. Only other dolgaunts can understand this language, but it is somewhat limited because of how close to one another two dolgaunts must be to sufficiently perceive the subtle movements.[4]

Dolgaunts form monastic cells deep inside of Khyber, and they count a surprisingly large amount of monks among their numbers. A rare few become clerics instead.[4]


Most dolgaunts eschew weapons and armor, preferring to rely on their tentacles and unarmed attacks. They sometimes use magical equipment, such as enchanted belts or cloaks. A dolgaunt's cilia can be used to absorb liquids, including draining the vital fluids from a living creature.[4]

Notable Dolgaunts[]

  • Hruucan is a dolgaunt who serves Dah'mir and his master, the daelkyr known as the Lord of Silence.[6] He was burned to death by Singe, and returned as a fiery undead abomination.[7]