The Sovereign of Sun and Sacrifice, Dol Arrah is the light, not only of the sun, but also of the good aspects of the mortal soul. Many Vassals see her as important as Aureon and Boldrei in the formation of a community, and believe that if more of their number recognized that, their faith would be much brighter. The patron of paladins, diplomats and all who seek justice, as well as explorers who bring light to dark and forgotten places, Dol Arrah oversees all those who fight with wisdom as well as weapons. She also provides the light needed for Arawai's harvest.

She is often portrayed as a human or half-elf knight shining with holy radiance, and occasionally as a red dragon perched atop a cloud. Dol Arrah is the sister of Dol Dorn and the Mockery.

The legendary red dragon Dularanahk was betrayed during the war against the Rakhasa Overlords by her brother Dulazurak. They may be the inspiration for Dol Arrah and The Mockery, whose name was once Dol Azur.

The Sovereign Host
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