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Diran: Blade of the Flame

Eberron Diran Blade of the Flame

Diran: Blade of the Flame

Diran Bastiaan
is a former assassin turned adventurer-priest of the Silver Flame. He travels with a half-orc named Ghaji. They are both veterans of the Last War.

Diran is an impressive figure, tall, thin and garbed in black. He wears a black leather armor vest over a black shirt, black pants, black boots, and a black belt with sheaths for a pair of black-handled daggers. He had long black hair that he wore loose. He wore a black traveler's cloak, with the hood down. The cloak did not billow outward. This was because it was weighted down by numerous daggers he kept in hidden pockets sewn into the cloak’s inner lining. His eyes, artic blue, piercing and set into a gaunt face with lean, wolfish features. Those eyes glittered with penetrating intelligence. Even strong men tremble when caught in the fierce, dispassionate scrutiny of Diran Bastiaan’s gaze.

The priest's words were friendly enough, but his tone remained emotionless.

He uses daggers as his preferred weapon, though he is attempting to learn the bow as that is the preferred weapon of the Silver Flame. He is a master of the throwing dagger, and carries many of them on his person at all times.

History Edit

He was taken as a child and raised to be an assassin by Emon Gorsedd and his Brotherhood of the Blade. During that time he was forcibly possessed by an evil spirit summoned by Quellin, a priest of the Dark Six. This was common practice in the organization in order to make the assassins more controllable and less likely to suffer attacks of conscience during a job. Diran has since freed himself of the possession.

Now, Diran walks as an adventurer-priest of the Silver Flame. When the priest thought he was on the trail of some unearthly menace, he could be more determined than a starving swamp lion tracking wounded prey.

Known AcquaintancesEdit


Diran is one of the main characters in The Blade of the Flame trilogy authored by Tim Waggoner.

Book 1: Thieves of Blood.

Book 2: Forge of the Mind Slayers.

Book 3: Sea of Death.

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