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Dinosaurs are large reptilian creatures that cover multiple species of animals. Dinosaurs are natives to Argonnessen, Khorvaire, Xen'drik, and the Frostfell, though the dragons of Argonnessen have purged their continent of carnivorous dinosaurs, while the civilized races of Khorvaire have forced the dinosaurs into regions like the Talenta Plains and Q'barra. The halflings of the Talenta Plains have formed spiritual bonds with the animals, and use them as mounts.[1][2][3]


Dinosaurs originated on the continents of Argonnessen, Khorvaire, Xen'drik, and the Frostfell, and remained a dominant species in the world of Eberron. However, the fates of the dinosaurs differed on each continent.[1]


Talenta halflings and their dinosaur mounts herding animals.

In Khorvaire, dinosaurs were once prominent across the continent, until settlements pushed them back to either the Talenta Plains or the jungle nation of Q'barra. Even from the beginning, the halfling natives of Khorvaire saw the uses of the dinosaurs, and trained large numbers of them to act as their mounts. Over the years, they developed a spiritual bond to the creatures. They would train these beasts to act as mounts in combat, or even as pack animals. The halflings especially preferred taming clawfoots, fastieths, and glidewings.[1][2][4]

On Argonnessen, the continent of the dragons, the dinosaurs continue to roam free for the most part. The dragons eliminated most of the more powerful carnivores from the continent, though some still remain in the continent's central jungle. In addition, the dragons have imported other creatures from around the world, turning some dinosaurs from the hunters to the hunted.[1][5]

Drow riding dragons and glidewings

In Xen'drik, dinosaurs remain one of the prevalent species on the continent. They can be found in all of the continent's climates, and have been tamed by some of the natives of that land, including the drow. Due to the unusual magical effects prevalent in Xen'drik, explorers may find unusual mutated dinosaurs, such as two-headed swordtooth titans.[1][6][7]

In the Frostfell, there have been rare sightings of halflings riding fastieths and white-feathered clawfoots, especially in the regions around Skairn. These same dinosaurs have been spotted on the northern islands of the Lhazaar Principalities.[2]


Halfling dinosaur-riders proved pivotal during the Last War, when the halflings were forced to defend their land. The halflings entered the war in 929 YK, when Cyran forces were driven back by the united tribes of the halfling dinosaur cavalry. With the halflings threatened, they began raiding the forces of the neighboring nations of Cyre, Karrnath, and Valenar, often sending herded dinosaurs into their enemies' front lines.[2][8]

Elves riding dinosaurs towards a city.

In Q'barra, dinosaurs continue to live relatively free. They are hunted by the lizardfolk of the region, and have been recruited by the lizardfok and dragonborn of Haka'torvhak to act as guardians to the black dragon Rhashaak and the fiend that lies beneath. Dinosaurs have also been spotted on the islands of the Lhazaar Principalities that lie directly to the east of Q'barra.[2][8][9]

Dinosaur wrangling in action

Dinosaurs have not just been captured and trained by the drow and the halflings, however. House Vadalis, with their Mark of Handling, have been known to train dinosaurs, and deliver them to their clients for the right price. This practice increased during the Last War. In addition, House Deneith have recruited halfling mercenaries and their dinosaur mounts as part of their mercenary services.[8]


Many species of dinosaurs have been classified by the people of Eberron:[1]

Common Name Scientific Name Draconic Name
Battletitan n/a Khomavharag'eth
Bladetooth Allosaurus Vharag'eth
Bloodstriker n/a Mekikaran'eth
Carver Deinonychus Ka'rhavad'eth
Great carver Megaraptor Haka'rhavad'eth
Clawfoot Velociraptor Rhavad'eth
Fastieth Leaellynasaura Falas'eth
Fintail Cryptoclidus Paharan'ost
Great fintail Elasmosaurus Hapaharan'ost
Fintail titan Plesiosaurus Haka'paharan'ost
Fleshraker n/a Eshka'rhavad'eth
Giant snapper Archelon Haka'hurak'aan
Glidewing Pteranodon Abarr'ien
Hammertail Ankylosaurus Hurak'eth
Maultooth Ichthyosaurus Ka'khuva'ost
Sea render Mosasaurus Vharag'ost
Soarwing Quetzalcoatlus Shovath'ien
Spineback Spinosaurus Shafanna'eth
Swindlespitter n/a Fashekan'eth
Swordtooth titan Tyrannosaurus Havharag'eth
Threehorn Triceratops Kotikaran'eth
Thunderherder Diplodocus (renamed from Seismosaurus) Khotasann'eth


Threehorns are four-legged herbivorous dinosaurs with a huge plate protecting the front of its head. At the top of its head project two slightly-curved horns, with a shorter horn jutting from its nose, with the three horns giving the dinosaur its name.

While threehorns are not carnivorous, they can still be deadly. They travel in herds of up to eight creatures, and are extremely territorial. They will use their horns to charge opponents, trampling them under their feet. Threehorns will track via scent, and possess low-light vision.[11]


Thunderherders are the largest of the known dinosaurs. They are four-legged herbivores with enormous appetites. They feed on all sorts of plants, and a single thunderherder has been known to deforest several square miles of terrain within the course of a few weeks. They possess a small head, bulky body, and a long neck and tail. Their nostrils are located high up on their head, allowing them to submerge themselves deep into the water.

Thunderherders are so colossal, that they even give swordtooth titans pause. While thunderherders can defend themselves using their tail as a whip, they are just as likely to inadvertently step on an opponent as tailwhip them.[12]

Thunderherder bacon is considered a delicacy, and can be found frequently served at the Glitterdust Nightclub in Sharn.[13]


Halflings on the move against a swordtooth titan..

While dinosaurs are often worshiped by the halflings and seen as aspects of Balinor come to life. Every halfling warrior hopes to unite his spirit with the spirit of his dinosaur mount in the heat of battle, so that his spirit might be as worthy of reverence after death as his dinosaur's spirit already is.[2]

Notable Dinosaurs[]

  • A swordtooth titan named Cutface was raised by a tribe of Talenta Plains halflings led by Moonlight, and aids them in their hunting.[14]
  • Lurking Two-Maws is a gargantuan mutated swordtooth titan that roams the jungles of Xen'drik.[15]


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