Queen Diani ir'Wynarn is the Blood Regent of Thrane.[1]

She tries to keep the monarchy relevant to the people and the government. She hopes to take back the throne and rule Thrane, as is her birthright, but she is still a figurehead and has no real political power. The theocrats think that she has little use other then to keep the people's eyes on her. Her enemies find her beautiful, with her sole function being to look elegant at formal events. But it would not be wise for her rivals to underestimate her.[1]

The Queen has her "primary" residence in the royal palace of Thalingard in Flamekeep throughout the year. She uses this castle as a way to keep an eye on what is going on in the nation. Most of the time, however, Diani lives in Silvercliff Castle, the summer home of her family. She meets privately with people who could help her with get back her family's power. She holds audiences with nobles from other kingdoms that the theocracy regards as irrelevant.[1]

Although she is against what Jaela Daran represents, the Queen does like the Keeper of the Flame and tries to help her make decisions that will help the people of Thrane. She believes that the people will see that the theocrats are corrupt. But the clerics still regard her as representative of a lost and forgotten age.[1]



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