Demonthorn mandrakes are demonic, poisonous plants that sprout in some of the vilest locations across the planes. Demonthorn mandrakes have been spotted on the planes of Lamannia and Shavarath. On the Material Plane, demonthorn mandrakes have been seen within the Demon Wastes, especially in the Labyrinth, and in the deep wilds of Xen'drik. Demonthorn mandrakes are born from the deaths of those that are killed by their spore pods. It is said that demonthorn mandrakes all originate from the "Mother Seed" that is out there on some plane.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Demonthorn mandrakes are large trees with thorny red stalks emerging in the place of branches. Crimson roots attach the mandrake to whatever surface it finds its home; some mandrakes can be found growing on walls or even ceilings. Star-shaped leaves ring the plant around a large spiny seedpod at its center, with two vines sprouting from the sides of this pod. Demonthorn mandrakes can be found alone, or in forests of hundreds.

Demonthorn mandrakes possess an intelligence, and it is evil. While they do not have a language, they can be coaxed into helping other evil creatures, and are sometimes used as guardians.[1]


Unlike other plants, demonthorn mandrakes possess an intelligence, and will use this maliciously. They will openly attack creatures that some within a proximity to them, spitting their spore pods at their targets. These spore pods will infect their targets with demonthorn mandrake spores, which begin sprouting immediately. Thorns will burst through the skin of those exposed, and continue to grow through skin. These thorns are susceptible to holy water, which will cause the thorns and spores to shrivel and die. When a creature dies from these spores, the thorns will continue to grow in the victim's dead body, eventually growing into a fully formed demonthorn mandrake.

Once their opponents are inundated with spores, demonthorn mandrakes will then close into melee combat. Mandrakes have the ability to uproot and move themselves. In addition, these roots can stretch out and entangle their targets. Mandrakes will then attack their foes with their barbed spiny vines.

In addition to these abilities, demonthorn mandrakes are resistant to electricity and fire, and possess a wide array of senses, including low-light vision, darkvision, and tremorsense.[1]


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