The Dead-Gray Mist is a shroud that hangs over and circumscribes the Mournland.[1][2]

The mist acts as an obscuring fog that prevents a clear view of the mangled landscape; even people on airships can't see through the heavy blanket. The thickness of the mist varies; at its broadest, an adventurer would have to trek five miles to escape the constricting smoke. A more fortunate explorer could just hold their breath for a couple hundred feet before breaking through to the other side.[2]

This, however, is easier said than done, for the Dead-Gray Mist has the ability to muddle one's mind. There are stories of unfortunate souls who found themselves caught in a labyrinth without walls manufactured from their own shattered psyche.[2]

Within the Mournland, there are isolated locations where the mist gathers again, but these patches are far less dense and dangerous than the perimeter walls.[2]

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